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A Brief Bio



Sara Sniderhan is one of Canada’s premier portrait painters. She has received an Award of Excellence from the Portrait Society of America and was a finalist for the Kingston Prize for Portraiture. Her portrait of Canadian actor Enrico Colantoni is housed in the permanent of the Portrait Gallery of Canada. Sniderhan’s work has been exhibited in Toronto, New York, Calgary, Charleston S.C, Winnipeg, Hamilton and Creemore,ON.


Sara studied classical drawing with British painter Michael John Angel and life painting with American master Jeremy Lipking. For 5 years she taught drawing and painting at the Ontario College of Art and Design University in Toronto. She was awarded a Laurel from the Toronto Star for her work in community arts across the Greater Toronto Area.


Sara Sniderhan’s focus on painting people began at the age of 15. Her personal work explores human emotion and condition. In her portraits she looks to capture the sitters’ core character as well as their physical likeness. Sara has had the honour of painting hundreds of faces including CEO’s, beloved families, actress Sandra Oh, writer Thomas King and Indie Rock darling Hayden Desser. She is currently working on a public portrait of Chancellor Grit McCreath for the University of Saskatchewan.


Sara lives on a farm near Creemore, Ontario with her husband and their two children.

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